Nursing & Healthcare Programs

$10 Million Initiative

The need for quality nurses is greater than ever. CIU is strategically adding Kingdom-focused educational programs that will equip healthcare clinicians and administrators to serve in the U.S. and around the world.

How this will happen:

  • January 2022 – Launch of fully online RN to BSN nursing program

  • January 2022 – Master in Healthcare Administration launches

  • August 2022 – Launch of traditional, four-yr BSN residential nursing program – awaiting approval

  • January 2024 – Launch proposed biomedical degree program and additional healthcare programs

  • August 2025 – Creation of Nursing and Healthcare Sciences Center on campus

Impact this will have:

  • We are projecting 50 RN to BSN students and 30 traditional BSN students graduating each year starting in 2024.

  • Over 10 years anticipate training and sending out 800 missional nurses

  • Nurses interact with six patients each day, translating into millions and millions of people impacted over the next 10 years

Won't you join us?​