Business Entrepreneurship Program

Business Entrepreneurship Program

$5 Million Initiative

CIU’s Kingdom-minded business students carry the message of Christ into the mission field and the marketplace. Employers tell us that they are culture changers as they bring biblical values into the workplace. Christians are market disrupters, proving that biblical principles can lead to success in the secular world of business.

How this will happen:

  • Create a student-operated, on-campus business opportunity

  • Bring a full-time Entrepreneur-in-Residence to campus to teach and mentor students

  • Expand existing online and on-campus business programs with courses in investing, banking, real estate and wealth management.

Impact this will have:

  • Attract new students to the business program each year

  • Prepare graduates to launch new businesses each year

  • Graduate over a thousand business students in the next four years


Won't you join us?​