Immeasurably More

$35 Million Campaign

Capital Campaign

From the first president, R.C. McQuilkin, to the current president, Dr. Mark A. Smith, CIU’s driving purpose behind every program is to bring Christ to the world. New programs, such as healthcare and entrepreneurship, offered in traditional and innovative online learning platforms, propel CIU forward in accomplishing this mission.

New Programs for Students

Nursing & Healthcare

$10 Million Initiative

CIU is strategically adding educational programs that equip students as medical administrators and clinicians prepared to serve in the U.S. and around the world – opening doors to the gospel with Kingdom-focused healthcare training.

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World Missions

$5 Million Initiative

CIU is equipping students to understand global cultures, engage with people from all over the world, and learn to extend hospitality through our programs Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Community Development, Disaster Relief, and Global Refugee Crisis.

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Foundations for Our Future

Online Studies

$5 Million Initiative

Currently, CIU offers over 40 online degree programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The latest programs being launched in 2021 are a Master in Healthcare Administration and a Master in Public Administration.

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Relief from Government Assistance

$6 Million Initiative

CIU will continue to stand for biblical truth, even if it means losing government assistance. Scholarship support to replace government funding will be crucial to continuing Bible-centered higher education.

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Growing Our Campus Community

Campus Housing

$4 Million Initiative

Creating additional on-campus housing supports CIU’s unique transformational education process and helps us to shape the next generation of Kingdom leaders.

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